Harnessing the Power of Zero-Touch Deployment in Enterprise Devices: A Closer Look at Zebra, Samsung, and Honeywell

In today’s fast-paced business environment, the ability to quickly and efficiently deploy and manage devices is crucial for maintaining operational efficiency and productivity. Zero-Touch Deployment (ZTD) has emerged as a game-changer in this arena, especially in the use of enterprise devices from leading manufacturers like Zebra, Samsung, and Honeywell. Coupled with Mobile Device Management (MDM) solutions such as AirWatch and Soti MobiControl, ZTD offers a seamless, efficient, and time-saving method for deploying devices in the enterprise sector.

Zero-Touch Deployment is an IT administration and deployment strategy that allows businesses to provision and configure devices remotely without any manual intervention from IT staff or end-users. This means that the devices are ready to use as soon as they are powered on and connected to the network, significantly reducing setup time and costs.

Zebra Technologies: Tailored for the Enterprise

Zebra Technologies excels in providing enterprise solutions that enhance business operations. Their devices, equipped with ZTD capabilities, can be pre-configured and shipped directly to their final destination. When powered on, they automatically enroll into the company’s MDM, downloading all necessary configurations, applications, and settings. This is particularly beneficial for logistics and retail sectors, where Zebra’s rugged devices are often used.

Samsung Knox: Secure and Efficient

Samsung’s approach to ZTD is embodied in the Knox platform, which includes Knox Mobile Enrollment (KME). KME allows IT administrators to enroll hundreds of Samsung devices into their MDM like AirWatch or Soti MobiControl without manually setting up each device. This is especially useful for organizations that deploy Samsung smartphones and tablets for their mobility solutions, ensuring that each device is secured and configured according to the company’s policies right out of the box.

Honeywell: Robust for Industrial Use

Honeywell’s enterprise devices, known for their robustness in industrial environments, also support ZTD. This capability ensures that devices used in manufacturing, warehouse management, and field service are configured with specific apps and settings tailored to each use case, reducing device setup time and ensuring consistency across the board.

Integration with AirWatch and Soti MobiControl

The integration of ZTD with MDM solutions like AirWatch and Soti MobiControl simplifies the management of enterprise devices. These platforms allow IT administrators to centrally manage and configure devices, apply security policies, and push updates seamlessly. With ZTD, devices automatically enroll into these MDMs upon activation, ensuring that they are managed and secured from the get-go.

The Benefits of Zero-Touch Deployment

  • Efficiency: Significantly reduces the time and effort required to deploy and configure devices.
  • Consistency: Ensures that all devices are configured uniformly, reducing errors and security risks.
  • Cost-effectiveness: Minimizes the need for IT staff to manually set up devices, thereby reducing operational costs.
  • Security: Devices are secured from the first boot, with all necessary security policies and configurations in place.


Zero-Touch Deployment represents a significant leap forward in the management of enterprise devices. By leveraging ZTD capabilities in devices from Zebra, Samsung, and Honeywell, and integrating with MDM solutions like AirWatch and Soti MobiControl, businesses can achieve a level of operational efficiency and security that was previously unattainable. As the enterprise landscape continues to evolve, the adoption of ZTD will play a pivotal role in ensuring businesses remain agile, secure, and productive.

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